The network aims to unite the UK’s cybersecurity sector against rising threats through its three pillars: Trade & Export, Government & Policy, and Market Insights.

Today, the newly founded Cybersecurity Business Network (CBN) announces the launch of its community, aiming to drive positive change within the UK cybersecurity sector amid the increasingly complex cyber threat landscape. The inaugural event of the CBN was held on 30 April, during which the Right Honourable Stephen McPartland MP discussed the independent review on ‘Cyber Security and Economic Growth’.

“With over 99% of UK businesses classified as SMEs, cybersecurity must be simplified to ensure safety throughout the supply chains. It’s time to change the narrative around cybersecurity, viewing it not just as a security measure, but as a driver for resilience, trust, job creation and, ultimately, as an enabler of growth,” noted McPartland.

“Establishing the CBN is a necessary step forward in an era of escalating cyber threats, continuing to strengthen the UK’s position as one of the tech superpowers.”

The CBN’s core mission is to facilitate collaboration, learning, and discourse across three pillars: Trade and Export, Policy, and Market Intelligence. By empowering its members to showcase their expertise, engage strategically with stakeholders, and foster lasting partnerships across key sectors, the CBN aims to drive policy influence and catalyse innovation within the UK cybersecurity sector.

“With the emergence of new threats and a rise to prominence of malicious nation state actors, it is important that the cybersecurity sector engages with the Government to ensure that effective cybersecurity solutions are understood and utilised as an enabler across both the public and private sectors,” said Nick Lansman, Co-Founder at Cybersecurity Business Network.

“The event was a great example of how industry and government can come together to discuss how this vibrant sector enables economic growth and resilience for the UK as a whole. We’re looking forward to consolidating the UK’s position as the best place in the world for innovative cybersecurity solutions.” 

The event also featured thoughts from other leading voices in the UK cybersecurity sector, including Juliette Wilcox, UK Cyber Ambassador as well as cyber experts from Garrison Technology, Armour Comms and NCC Group.

“As a nation, we need to think more openly about marketing cyber initiatives and UK excellence in cyber, and highlighting these carefully through cybersecurity strategy to proactively drive change in the cybersecurity sector. The CBN will be an instrumental network for UK cybersecurity businesses, acting as a conduit for supporting political cut through,” said Imogen Frearson, Government Engagement Lead and Head of Marketing at Garrison Technology.

The CBN has evolved from the former Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network (TCBN), which has been rebranded and restructured to tailor services to a predominantly UK membership. For those interested in joining the free membership of CBN or learning more about how they can contribute to and benefit from this initiative, please visit

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